13 May

Hi Guys! I’m just going to start out by saying basically what I’m here for. I truly believe I was put on this earth to inspire and help others. And also to be an entrepreneur and have the freedom to help even more people than I normally would. I will admit this site may be a little random, one day I may do a post related to living life to its fullest or advice on relationships and the next day I may post a song that inspired me and the next day link to another website that I think you’ll all enjoy.

I have a lot of ideas and dreams for this site but mostly it is about reaching out to people and helping and inspiring, but also to really achieve the other part of my dream-to be an entrepreneur and to graduate college debt free-I will have ads on the site. I will also occasionally link to products that I may be an affiliate for. But please don’t think I am scamming you or anything of the sort! I truly promise to never ever post something that I truly don’t believe in. I personally could not encourage you all to buy something that I wouldn’t waste my money on, or something that I tried and didn’t think was worth it. I will always keep that in mind when I post and link things. I’m not out to be a millionaire, just to use this as a platform for my dreams. Making money is second to me, inspiring my readers is truly what I’m here for. Like they say, follow your passions and the money will follow. I truly hope that is true and that is how my life will workout in the future. My hopes and prayers are with you that you may do the same!

So join me on this lovely roller coaster we call life! I promise to help in anyway that I can!

Love and blessings,
Miss Mikele


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