Where I’ve been!?!

14 Jun

Sorry darlings! It has been a crazy end of week/weekend around here with work and family stuff. So this was my first ever missed “Fun Friday” post! I’m so sorry! However this Friday I will definitely be back with another one! I’m also thinking about starting some sort of Monday series but I’d love to hear you’re input on exactly what I should write about? Fridays are usually for inspirational links and jazz like that, Wednesdays I try to stick to a longer, organic post, so what should Mondays be about?! Leave my some ideas in the comments!

On another comment response note…I’ve been trying to spend my time more wisely lately, which includes trying to finish up the 4 or 5 books I’m currently reading all at once and finding new inspirational books/authors to read. So I would LOVE to get some suggestions from you all, who’s your favorite author? Both fiction and non-fiction? I am definitely not afraid of the self-help genre or the religious genre so don’t hold back! Oh and I have an insane weakness for American and Irish chick-lit…and classics like Austen. But I really want to hear your favorites so please share! Have a great, blessed week everyone!

God Bless!


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