What I love about summer!

21 Jun

It is finally summer! (Technically speaking anyway.) Here is my list of wonderful things about summer, and things I’m very grateful for. Make your own list and see what you can come up with!

-Fresh veggies from my garden
-Finding and creating the best wildflower bouquets!
-The sun sets at 9pm! I love having more daylight!
-Reading in the sunshine
-Late night conversations over a fire and marshmallows
-Riding with the music turned up and the moon-roof open
-Stargazing (especially since no one has school the next day!)
-Working (yes I said that!)
-Road trips and visiting friends from all over
-Dresses all the time!
-No shoes! Or at least flip flops
-Little to no makeup…love it!
-Sports, hiking, bike rides…just being active and outside!
-Boating, tubing, fishing, anything on a body of water!
-Ice Cream
-More time to spend with family and friends
-Time to focus on what I love!

What are your favorite things to do during the summer? What is your favorite things about summer?

Always remember: Be grateful for what you have! And look for the beauty in every moment!

God Bless!


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