Possible New Series & Updates

28 Jun

I truly believe that its not where you look for inspiration and life lessons it is all about how you look at things. I say this because for years I’ve always found little bits of advice and inspiration from movies and even the occasional TV show. (Jillian Michael’s new show being #1 on that list.) And as I watched a movie last night I thought ‘what an awesome idea for a series!’ So I’m going to start developing a series on inspirational movies/TV shows, like I have been with songs and pictures and the like. Not just inspiration of course, because I believe it is okay to take advice from a movie too. Are movies 100% real and realistic? No. Definitely not, however they can help you a lot if you let them! If you have any movies you’d like me to do than please let me know in the comments or on twitter if you like.

Update: I’m working on doing MissMikele as its own domain name and probably a new theme and logo?! Possibly?! But I definitely want to start with my own domain and some updates with the look and feel here. And I will be adding ads of some kind. However I really will try my hardest not to have them be tacky or misrepresent MissMikele and my mission in anyway. I will not advertise scams or anything else of that kind. I still have yet to figure all of the ad details out yet, but I’m sure I’ll play around with that a lot in the future anyway.

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!



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