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Possible New Series & Updates

28 Jun

I truly believe that its not where you look for inspiration and life lessons it is all about how you look at things. I say this because for years I’ve always found little bits of advice and inspiration from movies and even the occasional TV show. (Jillian Michael’s new show being #1 on that list.) And as I watched a movie last night I thought ‘what an awesome idea for a series!’ So I’m going to start developing a series on inspirational movies/TV shows, like I have been with songs and pictures and the like. Not just inspiration of course, because I believe it is okay to take advice from a movie too. Are movies 100% real and realistic? No. Definitely not, however they can help you a lot if you let them! If you have any movies you’d like me to do than please let me know in the comments or on twitter if you like.

Update: I’m working on doing MissMikele as its own domain name and probably a new theme and logo?! Possibly?! But I definitely want to start with my own domain and some updates with the look and feel here. And I will be adding ads of some kind. However I really will try my hardest not to have them be tacky or misrepresent MissMikele and my mission in anyway. I will not advertise scams or anything else of that kind. I still have yet to figure all of the ad details out yet, but I’m sure I’ll play around with that a lot in the future anyway.

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!



Inspirational Pictures for your Weekend!

25 Jun

So I am a huge fan of beautiful photography, typography, etc you name it! So I have a large collection of great pictures and websites to find them. So to start your weekend off right I’m going to share some goodies with you!

Have a great weekend guys! Remember to be full of faith, hope and love!

God Bless,

Where I’ve been!?!

14 Jun

Sorry darlings! It has been a crazy end of week/weekend around here with work and family stuff. So this was my first ever missed “Fun Friday” post! I’m so sorry! However this Friday I will definitely be back with another one! I’m also thinking about starting some sort of Monday series but I’d love to hear you’re input on exactly what I should write about? Fridays are usually for inspirational links and jazz like that, Wednesdays I try to stick to a longer, organic post, so what should Mondays be about?! Leave my some ideas in the comments!

On another comment response note…I’ve been trying to spend my time more wisely lately, which includes trying to finish up the 4 or 5 books I’m currently reading all at once and finding new inspirational books/authors to read. So I would LOVE to get some suggestions from you all, who’s your favorite author? Both fiction and non-fiction? I am definitely not afraid of the self-help genre or the religious genre so don’t hold back! Oh and I have an insane weakness for American and Irish chick-lit…and classics like Austen. But I really want to hear your favorites so please share! Have a great, blessed week everyone!

God Bless!


13 May

Hi Guys! I’m just going to start out by saying basically what I’m here for. I truly believe I was put on this earth to inspire and help others. And also to be an entrepreneur and have the freedom to help even more people than I normally would. I will admit this site may be a little random, one day I may do a post related to living life to its fullest or advice on relationships and the next day I may post a song that inspired me and the next day link to another website that I think you’ll all enjoy.

I have a lot of ideas and dreams for this site but mostly it is about reaching out to people and helping and inspiring, but also to really achieve the other part of my dream-to be an entrepreneur and to graduate college debt free-I will have ads on the site. I will also occasionally link to products that I may be an affiliate for. But please don’t think I am scamming you or anything of the sort! I truly promise to never ever post something that I truly don’t believe in. I personally could not encourage you all to buy something that I wouldn’t waste my money on, or something that I tried and didn’t think was worth it. I will always keep that in mind when I post and link things. I’m not out to be a millionaire, just to use this as a platform for my dreams. Making money is second to me, inspiring my readers is truly what I’m here for. Like they say, follow your passions and the money will follow. I truly hope that is true and that is how my life will workout in the future. My hopes and prayers are with you that you may do the same!

So join me on this lovely roller coaster we call life! I promise to help in anyway that I can!

Love and blessings,
Miss Mikele